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Cleaning up my iPhone5s

I have a 16GB iPhone 5s. The best iPhone model till date! Screws those 6 & 7 series. They suck!

Getting beyond the marketing hype on iPhones from Apple, I strongly believe that the iPhone 5s is packed with enough horsepower for a business user like me.

With time over 2 yrs, my iPhone with 16GB capacity ended up showing only 1GB in free space.

16GB is a LOT! Trust me it is a LOT! I still remember those days where a 16GB DESKTOP was a LOT!

Times have changed but my for information storage and processing capacity hasn't particularly exploded. That essentially means that I have been HOARDING JUNK!

So, I decided to do some housekeeping with my iPhone.

First, I deleted the apps that I fling with time to time from the awesome AppHookup list! :-)

Result => 0.9GB increased to 1.1 GB! OK! Still sucks!

The I played a bit with PhoneClean and managed to cleanup about 1GB more space. I'm up to about 2GB. Not bad, but there SHOULD be a better way.

I looked on the iPhone through: Settings->General->Storage&iCloud Usage->Manage Storage. The usual apps were there ... but I NEED THEM! Facebook, Messenger, Google Maps (the offline data), Whatsapp

Tip: Get rid of those spammy Whatsapp messages through the WhatsApp app by going to Settings->Chats and Delete All Chats! (Watchout: All Chats will be deleted!. Backup any important information before doing that!)

OK. Now I don't trust cleanups a lot via the apps, so I DELETED and REINSTALLED. I gained another 0.5 GB with all this stuff! I'm up at 2.5GB!

Now, let me own this up! Except for my contacts and notes, I don't really have any very important stuff on my iPhone. All my App Data is anyway in the cloud of the App provider. So, first I backed up my notes and contact (CHECK! CHECK! CHECK!).

Next, I decided to the ever terrifying BACKUP to iTunes (on my MacBook) and then RESET (SETTINGS->RESET->ERASE ALL CONTENT AND SETTINGS)!

Then followed the usual path, first Reset, then the phone starts again, enter a new pin, sign into iCloud, etc etc.

Once the iPhone was up and running and was accessible through the Macbook iTunes, I restored the last backup. It actually worked very smoothly ... more than I anticipated.

All my contacts and notes were back, the last set of apps were back on the phone. I just needed to do a bit of signing in here and there and everything was back to normal!

But hey, the free space was not up to 6.37 GB! Cool stuff! That's a lot now! It will be a while till I need get back to house keeping again!

iPhone Storage Space Cleaned up!