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Creating my first Pebble Watchface

Going to try out creating a pebble watchface as mentioned here.


Install pebble SDK using Homebrew with:

brew install pebble/pebble-sdk/pebble-sdk


I first started with this sample app of a A Rocky.js implementation of the Concentricity watchface.

Clone the repo and then try to build.

I was running into some nasty issues first due to my node.js version. This is something I have learned to live with using the MUST HAVE nodejs version management tool called n.

I installed the latest version 7.2.1 at the time of this writing using sudo n latest.

Everything worked perfectly after that!

Enable Developer Connection

I'm using my Android phone because it is more hackable!

Build the app

pebble build

Install the app

pebble install --phone

That's it! Works great!

Excited to get this going so fast! Loving it!