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Problems & Solutions using Git for Windows

I've been using Git for Windows for a while. It works very well but I occassionally keep running into recurring problems (typically when I move systems, upgrade computers, etc.). In this post, I will list down few of the errors I have faced and solutions that worked for me.

SSL Related Errors:

This is one damn error that many have faced. I faced this while using a proxy server.

The errors take the form of:


  • Uninstall old git
  • Reinstall new git
    • While, reinstalling ... make sure to use the option to use the "Windows SSL" as opposed to the "Open SSL". I am not sure if the terms is are correct, but it is one of the screens that pops up during installation with two radio options. Pay attention and you will figure it out!
  • Set the proxy as follows after starting git bash. Make sure https_proxy is actually set to the same as http_proxy.
export http_proxy='http://username:password@domain.com:80'
export https_proxy='http://username:password@domain.com:80'

Weird! But it works!

HOME directory related errors:

I've encountered this typically when using git bash on two systems. For some reason, they reference a common shared drive as $HOME. In my case it is /m (a default mapped shared folder!).

It sucks because both systems have various drive structures and bash cannot function of a common profile on the /m drive.

I believe the solution lies in configuring the $HOME folder explicitly for each bash installation!

I do it as follows:

First, set the home path using setx HOME "C:\Users\yourusername"

Next, open git bash and verify using echo $HOME

Verify it in the environment variables screen by going to Start and type env in search programs and files

Then, right click of the git shortcut and change the properties as follows:


Make sure to modify BOTH Target and Start in options as shown below!