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Glances - A new open source system monitoring tool

Just came across a neat new system monitoring tool called Glances. Installation on my mac was extremely straight forward and issue free!

A standard pip install worked out of the box using:

pip install glances

The part I liked about Glances is that it can operate in various modes. As the docs state,

For the standalone mode, just run:

$ glances

For the Web server mode, run:

$ glances -w

and enter the URL http://<ip>:61208 in your favorite web browser.

For the client/server mode, run:

$ glances -s

on the server side and run:

$ glances -c <ip>

on the client one.

You can also detect and display all Glances servers available on your
network or defined in the configuration file:

$ glances --browser

The output of Glances is also nice and shows a lot more info compared to htop shown below.