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Improve Productivity. Extract YouTube Transcripts using Spider Pro

I've been working on trying to get a blog post related to Spider Pro, which is as they say is one of the easiest ways to scrape the internet, simply start clicking and collect the data you need.

Honestly, I really like the ability to get data that I need from a web page using spider pro and the experience has been wonderful.

Now let me demonstrate an example of using spider pro for a business application that I have. The demonstration is available at https://youtu.be/pmIVoGmRRhE

I've been going through this video on YouTube, related to the blockchain technology. And I spent close to an hour or a little more than an hour yesterday, going through this video.

I wanted to get to summarize the video, and make a note of my learnings and note things that I need to work and further research and improve upon in the future.

That was yesterday at midnight! :-)

Coming in this morning, I wanted to note down my learnings.

Unfortunately, I don't remember everything that I have seen, and I do not want to spend another hour going through this video.

I seriously don't want to spend another hr! :-)

So I was thinking of the best way to do this and the following idea chanced upon me. I recalled that I was occassionally looking at subtitles as I watched the video! I was wondering if they are available. My experiments with getting the sub-titles are shown in the video below.

The below notes show my demonstration of using Spider Pro to get the data I need.

Step 1 - Identify the data source

I head over to YouTube, pick up my video of interest, and I was looking for the transcript. And to my good fortune, the transcript was available on the YouTube video.And so I click on Open transcript and now I really actually have the transcript by time for the entire video on YouTube.

Step 2 - Analyze the data source

I want to gather this transcript and actually capture the data into my document, edit the data to the points that I need, and refer to those points as I make as a comment on my learnings.

Perhaps, I could do this manually or via copy paste? I haven't tried it may be possible may not be possible but it just seems clunky.

I decided to use to Spider Pro extract the data.

Step 3 - Click Spider Pro and extract

So here I have a demonstration of how I do it. I click on the extension. It's very very straightforward. Check the video to follow through!

Load up the extention, click the elements of interest, and you have all the content you need!.


Bonus - Transfer and Edit in Sublime Text

Now I have all of that content, ready to be edited and my document. I can simply read through the content, put it into my blog post, and I'm ready to work!

Check out the video to see the CMD+SHIFT+L magic in Sublime Text!

Need more sublime tips? Visit the MyPad Blog or shoot me a note from the form at MyPad

Try it out and please feel free to let me know if you have any questions!