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Solving the maximum file size error on Ghost + NGINX

I ran into an error when uploading a awesome Mesmerising Waterfall - Picture in a post today. The error stated something on the lines of:

The image you uploaded was larger than the maximum file size your server allows.

This blog runs Ghost and is served of NGINX. I had difficulty figuring out the size limitation was being set by Ghost or by NGINX.

A little research revealed that file uploads were limited to the default maximum size of NGINX at 1 MB as specified in Module ngx http core module.
My file size was 1.2 MB and hence the error!

I increased the size to 2m by editing the NGINX config file /etc/nginx/nginx.conf and adding a line client_max_body_size 2m; in the http section.

Reload the NGINX config file using:

sudo service nginx reload

The file upload should work like magic! And yeah! Enjoy the picture!


BTW ... This config change applies to all the virtual hosts serving off NGINX. I am pretty sure that this can be limited to particular hosts, but lets save that for another day!