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Accessing AWS S3 from R

I've been toying with a WebApp integration with R using OpenCPU.

The WebApp needs access to output files generated from R. I wanted to keep the R app and WebApp a little separated and hence thought that I could upload the output to S3 from R and then access the files from my WebApp.

I looked around and this package called cloudyr/aws.s3 worked well for me. Installation of the R package is straightforward using:


Once done, you can access S3 (assuming you've got the permissions right) using the functions described in the examples.

For e.g. listing the files as follows worked for me:

           "AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY" = "yyyyyyyy",
           "AWS_DEFAULT_REGION" = "us-west-1")


files <- get_bucket(bucket = 'meteor-dalalbeat')