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Displaying a Sector Return Performance Chart using R and Licorice

I learned an interesting way to plot a Likert scale from my feed of R-bloggers that referenced some pretty cool recent work done by Bart to plot Likert-like data.

I was looking for a place where I could use his work in a field of my choice and came upon this chart at Google Finance.

The sector summary chart in Google Finance looks like this (pretty much like a Likert scale?).

Sector Return chart from Google

This seemed a good idea to play with! I plotted out the data using the tool tips on the Google Chart and here is the data!

Data view

Next, I imported the data using hadley/readxl into R and played around with the code on licorice page to create a similar chart.

So here is the final output! Looks cool!?

Sector Return Chart using licorice