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Downloading Videos from Youtube using Terminal

I wrote earlier about downloading videos from Youtube using Yoda.

Trying to download using you-get and it seems to be working better!
First, couple of nuances .. you-get needs Python 3. On my OSX, Python 2.7 continues to be standard, so I installed Python 3.5 alongside with an added symlink for python3.5 in /usr/local/bin.

Next, create a clone of the you-get repo using git clone https://github.com/soimort/you-get.git.

Downloading videos is as simple as issuing the below command ...

python3.5 you-get 'https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jv4k8b9b4G8'

I am getting download speeds on 3-4Mbps! (good, despite the fact that I have a super fast internet connection)