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Launch MyPad using Ghost, SQLlite and Isso

I've been on working on deploying a new website at MyPad. I need to host a blog along with the site and was planning to use Ghost.

Similar to this blog that I've hosted on Ghost without any problems about 2 years back and its been running flawlessly, I plan to use Ghost for MyPad too.

This server is pretty thin and I do not intend to install and run MySQL. Also, I like to have the flexibility to zip, ship and migrate if I decide to move servers. It just feels neat to run Ghost with SQLlite.

I'm sure a LOT has changed with Ghost over two years and a quick look at the docs here and here confirms it. Will explore in a weekend blitz.

A few random google searches led me to Angristan's blog. Pretty interesting implementation he has done with his custom Ghost theme and adding comments to Ghost with Isso. I'll most likely do something similar with the MyPad blog.

Hope to launch in 3 days! :-)

Dev Version :-)