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Mount harddrive in Ubuntu in write format

I have a harddrive Seagate Backup Plus Drive that I use on Mac. Its a 5TB drive that used to work fine on my Mac Air.

But, now I am having a lot of trouble reading it on my Mac-Air.

From previous issues with our drives, I chanced on the idea that Power availability is probably an issue. I tried to use the drive from my Ubuntu Desktop which seems to power up more.

It worked, but I was not able to mount it in Write mode.

I tried to find something easy and quick. The following commands on my trusted terminal seem to work for me!

# Unmount first
sudo umount /dev/sdc2

# Mount next in Write mode
sudo mount -o force,rw /dev/sdc2 /media/seagate/

# Read files
cd /media/seagate/