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Open Source & Free Password Manager

I have about 200 user accounts to keep track off and they have 200 passwords out of caution! You simply never know which service will get hacked at some point.

Till now, I used to store the password in an secure format (which I'm not yet particularly sure about!).

So here is a software that I plan to explore further to keep track of account information. The organization from the demo looks quite good!

KeePass as they claim is a the free, open source, light-weight and easy-to-use password manager.

Now, I like desktop apps for everything I do, so here is antelle/keeweb. You can download the release from here

Keeweb is a browser and desktop password manager compatible with KeePass databases. It doesn't require any server or additional resources. The app can run either in browser, or as a desktop app.

I'll post more about how this works soon!