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Running portable Photoshop without admin rights on Win 7

I had a quick job to do using Photoshop on a Win 7 machine without admin rights.

I got a copy of the portable photoshop installer and installed it without any issues. So far so good!

However, Photoshop wouldn't startup and kept requesting for admin credentials. I did a bit of online research and stumbled upon this article How to run Adobe CS6 without admin rights? | Daniel's Blog.

The following steps worked for me:

i) Create the temporary directory

mkdir c:\UserTemp

ii) Set the user environment variables to use the folder

setx.exe TEMP C:\UserTemp
setx.exe TMP C:\UserTemp

The author of the article mentions some commands to set the permissions using setacl. However, I think I managed too launch Photoshop without that step.

And yeah, an important point .... For some reason the PhotoshopCS6Portable.exe wouldn't launch. I had to use {DIR}\PhotoshopPortable\App\PhotoshopCS6_x64\Photoshop.exe

That's it! The portable photoshop was up and running!