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s4cmd on Ubuntu

I had trouble installing on Ubuntu. This worked for me as mentioned here

sudo pip install s4cmd --ignore-installed six
chmod +x /usr/local/bin/s4cmd

On OSX, I was running into a ton of installation issues. This solution worked:

# Try the initial install with a hardcoded build directory, don't clean up if/when it fails
pip install -b ~/pip-build --no-clean s4cmd

# Go into the build directory and pull down the missing bash completion script
cd ~/pip-build/s4cmd
mkdir -p data/bash-completion
curl -Lo ./data/bash-completion/s4cmd https://raw.githubusercontent.com/bloomreach/s4cmd/2.0.1/data/bash-completion/s4cmd

# Install from the now-complete build directory
sudo -H pip install ./

# Clean up your mess
cd ~
rm -rf ~/pip-build

Uploading a directory to s3 bucket is a breeze now!!

s4cmd put -r icerdocs s3://tempbin/

List of filenames

 s4cmd ls s3://tempbin/  | awk -F'/' '{print $NF}'

Move files from one place to another

 s4cmd mv -r s3://tempbin/icerdocs s3://tempbin/icerarchive