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Switch back to Upstart after upgrading to Ubuntu 15.04 (Livid)

I just upgraded my Digital Ocean Ubuntu 14.x droplet to Ubuntu 15.04 (Livid). The previous version was outdated and apparently the support was discontinued. As a result, I was running into a lot of issues on the 14.x version into which I will get into later.

The upgrade to Livid was smooth after a few hacks!

Now, Apache and Nginx served all my sites really well! But, my node.js servers including this blog were totally down! Gosh! I panicked! I still suffer from the laziness of not backing up my server images before messing around with the system level configuration! :-)

Now, a few Google searches returned me something new (and actually I have sort of got used to expecting such stuff). With the upgrade apparently systemd has replaced Upstart. I'll spend time figuring out the reason for upgrade later but for now ... I need my Upstart jobs back and running for heavenssake!!!

So getting Upstart back involved the following steps.

  • Install the upstart-sysv package, which will remove ubuntu-standard and systemd-sysv
sudo apt-get install upstart-sysv
  • Update the system initialisation scripts
sudo update-initramfs -u.
  • Restart

I did this out of caution and well ... habit! :-)

sudo shutdown -r now

If all goes well, your startup Upstart jobs should be back alive and kickin! :)