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The (Raspberry) pi has landed

this weekend was quite exciting I recently got hold of a raspberry pi. Honestly, installing raspberry pi is not as straightforward as I had imagined. There were couple of challenges which had tried to overcome through experimentation.

The steps to get raspberry pi working are as follows:

.1 you need to plug in a monitor keyboard and a mouse to be able to control the raspberry pi

.2 you will need a micro SD card that you can use as the memory device for the raspberry pi. I purchased a 32 GB SanDisk microSD card with 80 Mbps writing speed

.3 you will first need to download the operating system which is Debian-based called Raspbian. This is a operating system that seems to be most popular and compatible with the raspberry pi three.

.4 installing the downloaded operating system was also a challenge. I had trouble getting the operating system onto the microSD card. The easiest way after experimentation that I found was to use Ubuntu. The discs application in Ubuntu makes creation of the SD card very straightforward. You simply need to restore the image that you download from the raspberry site and burn it to the MicroSD card.

The pi has landed

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