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Amazon Fire TV Stick with Beats Wireless Headphones

Discovered this last night and am pretty kicked about it. I never thought this would be possible. I wanted to watch Tron in the living room without disturbing family in the house.

I wished I had a Bluetooth enabled TV. The new TVs apparently have this basic functionality built in but my few years old LED TV didn't! I have a strong dislike to increasing by electronic and Carbon footprint on the planet and have been trying to defer upgradation of my TV for a long time!

By chance, I wondered if I could pair my Fire TV stick to my headphones. I put my Beats Wireless phones into pairing mode and hopped onto the settings on Fire TV stick and went to the area where I could pair other bluetooth devices. The description on the Fire TV Stick setttings says that I could pair keyboards and mice! I've seen similar settings in other devices where it was just not possible to make headphones work! However, on the Fire stick I walked up closer to the sick and the Beats headphones popped up on the screen as available to pair!

Yay! The pairing worked like magic! Now, the Fire TV stick audio was routed to the headphones instead of the TV! Pretty sweet!

Apparently, the pairing turns up the volume to the max volume supported by the bluetooth device. I watched Tron fully at that volume! Nice experience for a change but you are guaranteed to damage your ear-drum with regular usage! Frankly, I've never used volume control on my Beats wireless headphones till now! I always use my laptop, iPhone or iPad to volume control. I was happy to discover that the outer circle also functioned as volume control keys in the perpendicular axis!

Now .. gotta avoid getting addicted to my Beats + Large screen experience!