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More fun with Music - Introducing Kodi!

I spent a lot of time this Saturday getting my music collection ready. It was quite an experience! I'll first layout the notable highlights of the experience that I somehow seemed to enjoy a lot till I finally got tired!

  • Load up my Gaana+ account with the app on the android phone
  • Stick in a USB OTG drive (32 GB, USB 3.0)
  • Downloaded approx 5.0 GB of music onto my phone
  • Transferred the music to the USB with the EZ app
  • Loaded up the music from Gaana seamlessly on my iPod 3G 80GB (yeah! those things existed a while back!)

Now to the fun part, I don't particular like the iTunes experience, so spent time figuring out alternatives!

I found the following alternatives to iTunes:

As I went about exploring this, I noticed something cool. iPod 3G exposes itself as a mounted volume on my Mac running El Capitan. I could just simply browse through the iPod filesystem (using show hidden files) and see all my music neatly arranged as mp3 files. Cool! :-)

Then, I simply loaded up the directory in Kodi and I have a super looking touch based media center running on my Mac!

Next, looking forward to putting together my Media Center on a Raspberry Pi 3 when I get hold of it!

Till then, here is how my Kodi on OS X looks like! Just thrilling!

Kodi Media Center on OS X

Now, here is the cool part. You can create a remote control using Kodi Remote from your iPhone to the Kodi Media Center. And THAT means, that you can remote control the entire app from your iPhone! Simply awesome! I can control Kodi running on my Macbook right now! Can't wait to setup my RasPi!

Kodi Remote Control on the iPhone

Kodi Remote Control on the iPhone