/ Ghost

Upgrading Ghost

Ghost is my favorite blogging platform. There are frequent releases on Ghost and I usually upgrade my version a little late .. mainly because I'm lazy.

The docs explain the steps to upgrade Ghost very clearly here.

But, notes always help! So here is the exact steps to upgrade this blog!! (called thoughts)!

// First backup
zip -r thoughts.zip thoughts/

// Download ghost latest
curl -LOk https://ghost.org/zip/ghost-latest.zip

unzip ghost-latest.zip -d temp

// Change to the ghost directory ... in my case thoughts
cd thoughts

// Copy main files
cp ../temp/npm-shrinkwrap.json .
cp ../temp/package.json .
cp ../temp/index.js .

// Remove old versions
rm -rf core
rm -rf node_modules/

// Copy new versions
cp -r ../temp/core/ .

// Copy new casper theme if you need
cp -R ../temp/content/themes/casper/ content/themes/

// Install npm dependencies
npm install --production

// Restart your ghost upstart script (sudo service wwwsantoshsrinivasghost restart) ... and rock on!