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Bullet Graphs using R

I came across this library for creating Bullet graphs using R.

Installation of the package is straightforward:


The example bullet graph can be created as follows:


ytd2005 <- list(
  title=list("Revenue", "Profit", "Order Size", "New Customers", "Satisfaction"),
  subtitle=list("US$, in thousands", "%", "US$, average", "count", "out of 5"),
  range=list(c(150, 225, 300),
             c(20, 25, 30),
             c(350, 500, 600),
             c(1400, 2000, 2500),
             c(3.5, 4.25, 5)),
  measures=list(c(220, 270),
                c(21, 23),
                c(100, 320),
                c(1000, 1650),
                c(3.2, 4.7)),
  markers=list(250, 26, 550, 2100, 4.2)

# Plot

After reading the wiki, it is interesting about the information that can be gleaned from the bullet graph.

Bullet Graph Example

  • The dark center line represents the actual value.
  • The dark vertical line represents a target value.
  • The colored bands represent ranges, such as poor, average, and good.