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Spotify Premium for free on your android phone

I bought my wife a new phone and started tinkering with the old phone.

So to get started, I decided to load her phone up with Spotify Premium.

I am a iPhone loyalist, however there are some cool hacker friendly stuff that is available on the android.

You could possibly jailbreak iPhones but I've run into issues with it and iPhones are expensive!

Getting Spotify Premium on an android phone is quite straightforward. With Spotify Premium, you can get unlimited skips, on-demand listening with track specific playback so no more shuffling!

As shown in this video, download the apk and install it on your phone. You need to download it from the android phone itself and then open the downloaded file to install. For browsing files on the Android device, I use the ES File Explorer File Manager. It works great!

You will be most likely be prompted to make some security settings to allow external apps, but the descriptions provided were self explanatory (I don't remember the steps!).

Note: You cannot download songs for the offline mode! But hey pay for the premium service and have fun! The artists deserve your fees!