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Issues with OpenCPU

I was running into this terrible error Package 'jsonlite' version 0.9.20 cannot be unloaded. Here is how I tried to debug and fix it

  • Try out in terminal using sudo su opencpu
  • Start R
  • Use .libPaths() to check libpaths used by OpenCPU
  • Couple of directories are important
    • /usr/lib/opencpu/library - This is apparently the default directory for built-in packages that come with OpenCPU
    • https://github.com/jeroenooms/opencpu/issues/113
      • Starting opencpu release 1.5.3 the packages from the opencpu library will be symlinked into /usr/lib/R/library and therefore also visible in a regular R session. This should make it easier to install packages without having to reinstall the opencpu system packages.
      • /usr/lib/R/library is the location is you run R using root login
      • Alternatively, you can use .libPaths("/usr/lib/R/library") before installing packages so that they get installed there. I think you still need sudo access
      • To install into the OpenCPU library, use .libPaths("/usr/lib/opencpu/library/")
  • Don't forget to restart sudo service opencpu restart